Embark on a journey of
self-discovery and growth.
Walking Coaching

Discover career success through personalized life coaching experiences, uncovering fresh opportunities and creating an action plan for a fulfilling life.

Embrace change as you walk across
Rio de Janeiro with Claudio Dipulitto!

🗸 Certified coach in Rio de Janeiro

🗸  The program uses core coaching models

🗸  Professional guidance in achieving your goals

🗸  Create an action plan for a fulfilling life

Cultivate resilience and mental agility to thrive in challenging situations and bounce back from setbacks with ease.

Walk your way to a better life:
Certified coaches empowering
your personal growth

Discover the transformative power of walking coaching with our experienced Fit 4 Future Formula affiliated coaches. Our professional team will help you unlock your potential, overcome challenges, and live a fulfilling life.

Gain insights, foster self-discovery, and make informed choices aligned with your goals. Enhance communication skills and build stronger connections for personal and professional success.

Walk, Talk, and Embrace

Walk your way to personal and professional breakthroughs. This self re-discovery session will give you a new perspective on your situation and will help you construct an action plan for success.

Walk, Talk, and Embrace

Discuss your concerns and uncover the solutions to your life and career questions in safe and supportive environment that will inspire growth and become the catalyst for a productive change.

Plan, Act and Grow

Your path to personal growth starts here! Our innovative empowering coaching sessions is a walk towards clarity. Create an action plan and set realistic goals to measure your success.

Uncover fresh perspectives and insights
as you walk across Rio de Janeiro.

Unleash self-discovery in Rio de Janeiro, immersed in the vibrant Brazilian culture. Amplify communication, foster connections, and align choices with your goals.

Your time is valuable to us, so we customize sessions to accommodate your schedule. Whether it’s a sunrise stroll or an evening walk, we adapt to your preferences.

Don’t let time limit your journey—reserve your walking coaching session now for an enchanting and compassionate transformational experience in the heart of Rio de Janeiro.

Step forward to a brighter future:
Unleash your potential with Walking Coaching.

The benefits of
Walking Coaching.

🗸  Enhanced decision-making abilities

🗸  Increased self-awareness

🗸  Improved communication skills

🗸  Boosted resilience and adaptability

🗸  Increased work-life balance

🗸  Increased accountability

🗸  Enhanced creativity and innovation

🗸  Enhanced physical and mental well-being

🗸  Improved self-confidence and motivation

🗸  Increased clarity and focus in life

Cultivate resilience and mental agility to thrive in challenging situations
and bounce back from setbacks with ease.

Meet Claudio, who will help you unleash your potential

Embark on a personalized transformational journey with our exceptional team of life coaches. Select the perfect guide who aligns with your aspirations, empowering you to unlock your fullest potential and achieve remarkable results.

Let’s walk together toward success!


Meet Claudio, your go-to goal achievement coach who is dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential and achieve your dreams! With Claudio’s guidance, you can gain insight into your true desires, overcome obstacles, and develop a clear and actionable plan to reach your goals.

Claudio’s approach is grounded in exploring your values, motivations, and beliefs, helping you gain clarity on what truly matters to you and why. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, Claudio will work with you to develop strategies to leverage your strengths and overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.

With Claudio as your coach, you can expect a supportive and empowering environment where you are encouraged to take risks, try new things, and learn from your experiences. His infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude will help you stay motivated and energized throughout your journey to success.

So why wait longer? Get in touch with Claudio and start the journey to becoming your very best self.

Let’s walk together toward success!

Not convinced yet?

Unveiling the essence of Walking Coaching


A detailed breakdown of what to expect:

1. Digital intake & preparation

🗸  Prior to the coaching session, clients go through a digital intake process

🗸  This process helps gather essential information about the client’s goals, challenges, and preferences

🗸  The information collected during the intake helps the coach personalize the coaching experience

🗸  After registration, clients can expect to be contacted within 24 hours to schedule the appointment

2. Scheduling your Walking Coaching appointment

🗸  A walking appointment is scheduled with the participant

🗸  The appointment time and location are determined based on the client’s convenience and preferences

🗸  The walking coaching session takes place in a natural outdoor setting

🗸  This will provide a refreshing and conducive environment for introspection and growth

3. Personalized coaching trajectory

🗸  The walking coaching session follows a personalized trajectory designed specifically for the client

🗸  The walking typically spans approximately 3 hours, allowing ample time for deep conversations and exploration

🗸  During the session, the coach addresses all questions and concerns raised by the client

🗸  Focus on client’s personal context and individual needs

4. Note workbook

🗸  As part of the walking coaching service, clients receive their own note workbook

🗸  The workbook serves as a valuable tool for clients to document key insights, action plans, and reflections during the coaching session

🗸  Clients have the opportunity to briefly describe their personal action plan based on the framework that arises from the walking coaching trajectory

5. Clear understanding of context

🗸  Your coach will guide you through a transformative journey, helping you uncover the underlying patterns of your situation, your motivations

🗸  Different perspectives are discussed in relation to clients’ personal and professional lives

🗸  By the end of the session, clients gain a clear understanding of the context of their questions and challenges

6. Action plan development

🗸  Through the coaching trajectory, clients develop a first draft of an action plan

🗸  The action plan is described and documented in the client’s personal workbook

🗸  Specific steps and strategies to implement positive changes and achieve desired outcomes will be outlined

7. Support and follow-up

🗸  Throughout the coaching process, clients receive ongoing support and guidance from the coach

🗸  The coach may provide additional resources, tools, or exercises tailored to the client’s needs to enhance their progress and development

Discover the transformative path to personal and career empowerment.

Who are we?

Welcome to Fit 4 Future Formula, the pinnacle of transformational coaching. With a team of certified life coaches who are experts in their respective fields, we are dedicated to guiding you on a remarkable journey towards personal and professional success.

Our unparalleled commitment to your growth, combined with our coaches’ exceptional qualifications and wealth of experience, ensures that you receive the utmost care, expertise, and unwavering support on your path to unlocking your true potential.

Trust us to empower you, as countless individuals have already experienced the profound impact of our transformative coaching programs.

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