Studying With Purpose

A live free discovery workshop to find out if the student-in-progress program suits you.

As a student you do not only belong to a unique group of people, but you are living in a unique phase of life. In which you get to know yourself better in the process towards adulthood, with a new sort of independence.

However, getting to know yourself is not that easy, dealing with uncertainties, societal/social expectations and continuous distraction, having an impact on student well-being.

Make your student life strive and dive with us.

We as coaches from the fit4future platform, are offering the student-in-progress program, with the overarching aim of you going to college/leaving college as happy and productive, while giving rise to your aspirations and realizing your full potential. Specifically, the program will consist of 6 steps, designed in a virtual classroom, to design your lives together.

By applying the ‘Business Model You’ methodology, based on a holistic approach, this program will help you to reflect on and reinvent yourself and your current life, which enables you to build a life and future in line with your interests, skills, personality and inner purpose (which you will be learning to discover).


In groups of 12 we will digitally, collaborate and co-create to build our futures, by talking about our goals, motivations and challenges, measuring and stimulating our mental well-being and fulfilling design exercises by reflection and imagination.


We are looking forward to seeing you there and kickstart a life that fits YOU.

To find out if the student-in-progress program suits you, we are offering a live Free Workshop on Wednesday 13 December at 7:30 pm.

The workshop will take 90 minutes, consisting of an introduction to each other, ourselves, and the course design and methodology (Business Model You).


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Your purpose is the compass that guides your story.
Let’s explore it together.


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